Bryan Habana

Bryan Habana

Watch Bryan Habana’s Man v Plane video to raise funds for FoodBank SA

Watch the video clip of Bryan Habana running against the mighty A380 on a runway in England and help it to reach 2 million views, at which point British Airways will donate flights worth over R60,000 to FoodBank South Africa, which will be auctioned to raise funds.

Bryan Habana

Bryan Habana

Due to the ‘runway success’ of Bryan Habana’s viral video ‘Man V Plane’, British Airways has undertaken to donate two Club World (business class) tickets worth over R60,000 to FoodBank South Africa, when it reaches 2 million views. The airline will donate another R60,000 worth of tickets if it reaches 2.5 million YouTube hits.

South African rugby player Bryan Habana became an ambassador for the South African food security charity this year and has already made a huge impact by packing hampers for the hungry on Mandela Day with his DHL Stormers’ team mates and Cape Town mayor, Patricia de Lille.

“We’ve all watched the clip of Bryan running against the mighty A380 on a runway in England, but never imagined that a YouTube video may bring us such a windfall,” said Jill Richie, FoodBank South Africa Fund Development Strategist.

She says the organisation plans to auction the tickets later in the year and hopes that the cause and the hype around the video will ensure they fetch more than their market value.

“I had a great time racing this amazing plane and I’m thrilled that it may now help feed hungry people back home in South Africa,” said Habana.

Each unique viewing of the embedded YouTube video below will count as one hit towards the goal of 2.5 million views.

Helena Flynn, head of  British Airways public relations for Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific, said the unexpected success of the Man versus Plane clip had prompted the airline to make the donation. â€œQuite honestly, we were taken slightly by surprise, so thought we’d ask Bryan if we could make a gesture to acknowledge the huge following the video had garnered. We’re delighted that what started out as a bit of fun has enabled us help an organisation doing such important work,” she said.

The video, in which Habana takes on British Airways’ newest and largest aircraft over 100 metres, has already achieved nearly more than 1.6 million views and is on course to become the airline’s most successful YouTube campaign.

FoodBank South Africa is leading a coordinated effort to establish food banks around the country in communities with the highest concentration of hungry people. It rescues and procures food and essential groceries centrally and distributes these to depots from where its agencies are able to get it to people in need.

The lack of food security in poor and marginalised communities was starkly highlighted in the recent South African National Health and Nutrition Examination, which found that one in four households goes to bed hungry.

British Airways plans to start flying the A380 to Johannesburg from 12 February 2014, although the date for the inaugural flight may be earlier. Initially it will operate three times a week, increasing to six weekly services by March 2014.

Since British Airways took delivery of its first superjumbo earlier this month Johannesburg is only the third A380 route to be confirmed after Los Angeles and Hong Kong.  Another two aircraft, from a total order of 12, are due to be delivered before the end of the year.

To mark the announcement British Airways is offering discounts of up to 40% from South Africa to London across all cabins. World Traveller fares start from R8,380, World Traveller Plus from R15,380, Club World from R30,380 and First from R53,380.