anton damhuis

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Watch: Biker prevents a smash-and-grab situation in traffic [video]

The confrontation happened on Monday 10 September 2018, at the corner of London Road and 13th Avenue in Alexandra.

anton damhuis

Youtube screenshot

Many would say that Anton Damhuis is a fool for stepping in to save someone from potential danger. However, like Good Things Guy, we celebrate those who have the bravery to serve the public in need.

Watch: Anton Damhuis interrupts smash-and-grab

The viral video captured by the brave biker, Anton, shows how he managed to intervene on a robber who was gunning for an unsuspecting vehicle’s goods.

Good Things Guy reported that

The brave biker was on his way home when he saw the incident in action and decided to intervene. It took some quick thinking but Damhuis managed to stop the looter and managed to get the victim’s laptop back too

The confrontation happened on Monday 10 September 2018, at the corner of London Road and 13th Avenue in Alexandra and the video has started to trend amongst South Africans, who are thankful for the brave biker’s actions.

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Phillip Coetser, who may have been the victim of a robbery in peak traffic, caught up with the viral video and had this to say to Anton:

My friend, I was the man in the car and I want to really thank you for intervening. Sorry I did not thank you yesterday, but I was in a bit of a shock. I eventually ran over him with the car and unfortunately my laptop. The dent in the car is a minor price to pay for my safety and protection. May the God that created heaven and earth bless you abundantly in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ!

Many others have offered their congratulations to Anton, bigging him up for his display of bravery.

A user who goes by the name, SneakyRussian, commented on how the victim, Philip, may have been too shocked at the time to notice the good act Anton had committed.

Caron-Anne Best, on the other hand, stated that

“it’s nice to know there are still people out there willing to help. Thank you.”