baleka mbete faith muthambi public protector

Photo: Al Jazeera / YT

Watch: Baleka Mbete gets grilled in Al Jazeera interview [video]

The interview Baleka Mbete will dread for the rest of her life.

baleka mbete faith muthambi public protector

Photo: Al Jazeera / YT

Former speaker of the National Assembly, and ANC stalwart, Baleka Mbete was the latest guest on Mehdi Hasan’s talk show on Al Jazeera, Head to Head.

Head to Head latest episode featuring Baleka Mbete

Baleka Mbete would have expected a grilling since the interview was held under the theme: Has South Africa’s ruling party betrayed Mandela’s legacy?

Baleka Mbete and Hasan were also joined by a panel of three experts, which included: Makhosi Khoza, a former ANC member who has since joined the anti-corruption battalion; Xolani Xala, an active member of the ANC and founder of South African Business Abroad (Saba); and Andrew Feinstein, director of Corruption Watch UK.

Mbete crumbles under intense questioning

The nature of the questions Baleka Mbete faced made it clear that the objective of the interview was not to measure South Africa’s successes of the last 25 years.

It was rather an attempt to assess “whether the ANC, and Mbete personally, have done enough to hold Zuma to account, and keep Mandela’s dream of a united Africa alive.”

Baleka Mbete, who was not prepared at all, did very little to adjust to the intense environment she was thrown in, and thus fumbled a critical interview on the world stage, something that can be judged as embarrassing for a figure of her stature.

Here are some picks of her cringe-worthy answers to pertinent questions about South Africa.

You can watch the full interview below.

Watch: Mbete grilled in recent Al Jazeera interview