Watch: Attacked DA supporter s

Watch: Attacked DA supporter speaks after Friday’s march [video]

More details around the attack, revealed.

Watch: Attacked DA supporter s

With so may people taking to the streets in protest on Friday, it was always a possibility that violence could break out. While the large majority of the day was peaceful, a few skirmishes took place between Pro-Zuma ANCYL supporters and police, at one point a couple of Pro- Zuma supporters physically attacked a DA supporter, he was quite seriously injured.

TimesLive managed to grab an exclusive interview with the man. Kade Guerreiro was hit on the head while being attacked, he was left with 4 staples and a concussion. Guerreiro says he feared the worst.

“I actually believe that this was the last time I that would be alive, I believed that I was going to die.”

Guerreiro also says that he was not anywhere near ANC headquarters Luthuli House when he was attacked, he said he was aware of the threats of violence and that’s why he stayed away from the building. He was around 2 blocks away when he was warned via screams that his attackers were coming after him, he couldn’t run fast enough to escape them though.

The pictures of the attack sent shockwaves through social media as Police dressed in riot gear could be seen attempting to keep attackers away from Guerreiro.

“… and a man came up behind us screaming ‘run, run,’ and obviosuly we started running.”

When asked if he is still fearful, Gerrreiro was full of determination and positivity.

“Not at all, not at all, I believe that if I was afraid it would mean that they’ve won us, they’ve beaten me, and I’m not ready to give up.”

Determination like Kade’s is something to be incredibly proud of, he says even though his injuries haven’t healed yet, he will be marching in the upcoming National Day of Action on Wednesday. Check out the full clip below.