Watch: Another Stellenbosch Ra

Watch: Another Stellenbosch Racist Attack: Facebook video goes viral after man assaulted [video]

How will we get these attacks to stop?

Watch: Another Stellenbosch Ra

Once again, a South African has had to go through a racist attack, this might seem surprising to you, but sadly it is a daily reality for many people of colour.

A Facebook post by Terence Makapan on Saturday, revealed details of how he and his friends were allegedly called a “hotnot” while walking in the town.

“Early this morning, myself and 3 friends were walking to Springboks when we passed a small group of white guys. We heard the word “HOTNOT” being uttered and we immediately stopped in our tracks. We demanded to know who uttered the word. One of them tried to get us to just walk on but we refused. Next thing I know, I’m being approached by one of other his friends with a rock in one hand he proceeds to punch me with his free hand.”

Makapan also explained that campus police allegedly refused to help him because he was “too intoxicated”. The Police were reportedly helping a drunk white mugging victim at the time.

“Next to Herschelle was another guy (white – yes, his race is relevant) giving a statement. He had just been mugged at knife point and had a bloodied arm. He was intoxicated. He told us his story and we sympathised; he then asked me why I was sitting with a bloodied nose and I rather angrily explained what had happened (do keep in mind that this was probably the first thing I said while at the station). I was then reprimanded by the cops for my language and told to act “respectfully”.

They then refused to take my friend’s statement due to my behavior as well as the fact that we were allegedly too intoxicated. As we left the station we saw our friend who was mugged getting a lift from campus security.”

Update: In a second post on Sunday afternoon, Makapan clarified his comments about the police and their handling of the matter. He also confirmed that he has now laid a charge.

“Though the officer at the time berated me for my behaviour she did also advise my friend that we come back when we’re all sober (which we did). She was just following procedure. However, at the time, after everything we’d been through, I guess we just wanted some form of assistance and we felt a bit shunned. I don’t want to make this about bashing SAPS in Stellenbosch because as I said yesterday, they were very helpful when I eventually went to go lay my charge later in the day.”

You can see the video of Makapan addressing his alleged attacker, below.

Posted by Terence Makapan on Saturday, July 29, 2017