Jacob Zuma parole

Former president Jacob Zuma. – Image: Twitter / @Mahlubi_Stephen

Watch: All the times Jacob Zuma said he was ‘not afraid of prison’

We’re not sure if anyone knows, but Jacob Zuma *might* not be a man of his word? Msholozi, now fighting to avoid prison, has certainly changed his tune.

Jacob Zuma parole

Former president Jacob Zuma. – Image: Twitter / @Mahlubi_Stephen

As Jacob Zuma fights tooth and nail to avoid a prison sentence at all costs, one person – perhaps more than anyone else – has boldly predicted that Msholozi would happily walk into prison himself, if he was ever sentenced.

That person, it turns out, is Jacob Zuma. But he’s not playing ball this week, after he was forced to put his money where his mouth is. The Nkandla resident was found guilty in a contempt of court case, earning himself a 15-month jail term.

But as supporters flock to protect him from a spell behind bars, the 79-year-old’s previous promises to comply with the law have fallen flat – and we’ve got the receipts to prove it…

All the times Jacob Zuma said he wasn’t afraid of prison:

November 2016: Msholozi boasts of previous 10 years behind bars

  • – Just days after the State of Capture report was released, Jacob Zuma addressed a large political rally.
  • – Msholozi said ‘he is used to prison’, and no-one could ‘scare him with jail’.
  • – He slammed the report for ‘abusing the space of democracy’.

February 2020 – uBaba returns from Cuba, vowing to ‘serve his time’

  • – Jacob Zuma returned from Cuba, after his infamous trip to receive ‘medical treatment’ there.
  • – This caused him to miss appearances at the State Capture Inquiry and his OWN corruption trial.
  • – After being threatened with an arrest warrant, he told crowds at OR Tambo airport that he was ‘never afraid of jail’.
  • – He was also quoted as saying: ‘If the current government sentenced me to jail, I will go and serve my time’.

April 2021 – Jacob Zuma berates ConCourt

“For the cause of constitutional rights, I will walk in jail as the first prisoner of the Constitutional Court.”

“I do not accept that I committed contempt of court when I decided not to participate in the Commission proceedings in circumstances where my rights would be violated. It is clear for all to see that nothing can persuade the Constitutional Court not to incarcerate me. I am ready to become a prisoner of the Constitutional Court.”  | Jacob Zuma, April 2021