Ace Magashule limpopo taxi 23

Photo: Twitter

Watch: Outrage as ‘Magashule-branded taxis’ appear in Limpopo

Erm, what? The appearance of these propaganda-branded taxis – featuring messages of support for Ace Magashule – has left Limpopo locals SHOOK.

Ace Magashule limpopo taxi 23

Photo: Twitter

We know that the ANC may have taken us for a ride here and there, but it this week, it seems to be happening in more than just a figurative sense: A fleet of taxis in the Mopani region of Limpopo were given a new paint job – and they now carry a very partisan and political message: “Hands off Ace Magashule“.

It’s all gone a bit ‘North Korea’ in Limpopo

The branded taxis surfaced at the start of the month, and Magashule has some company: Danny Msiza has also been plastered on the side of one of these vehicles – the ANC Limpopo Treasurer has been heavily implicated in the VBS saga.

The taxis have been spotted doing the rounds across the region, and already, they have drawn a lot of attention on social media. Indeed, Former Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom couldn’t help but pass comment when he was alerted to the controversial branding, and raised questions about who exactly is funding these advertisements…

Watch: Ace Magashule taxis appear in Mopani

“We are Ace, Ace is us” also appears on the driver’s side door. A 24-hour helpline is also advertised beneath the stern warnings – directing people to the government’s emergency COVID-19 responders. An interesting choice, and it’s made all the more incredible by the fact the ‘C’ is missing from the word ‘Corona’.

You stay (c)lassy, Mr Magashule…

Ace Magashule fighting for political future

The taxis appear to form part of a fightback campaign from factions within the ANC, which are still loyal to Ace Magashule and Jacob Zuma. The so-called ‘Radical Economic Transformation forces’ had previously vowed to disrupt entire cities and shutdown the country this week – but nothing came from these empty threats.

Magashule has been given a 30-day ultimatum to step aside from his duties as the party’s Secretary-General, or be forcibly suspended. Ace has not yet made a decision on what course of action he’ll take, but it seems that the strategy to source support from the streets is already well underway.