Watch: 7 dead after fire break

Watch: 7 dead after fire breaks out in Joburg CBD building [video]

The building has been declared a crime scene.

Watch: 7 dead after fire break

Seven people have been killed after a roaring fire broke out in a hijacked building in central Joburg on Wednesday morning. One of the deceased is a man who jumped from the building in a desperate attempt to save his own life.

A further 50 people were rescued from the top of the building after a crane like machine was used be emergency services.

The Mayor has been at the scene and had his say on social media.

Thanks to the brilliant work of emergency services, the fire was contained and put out within a matter of hours.

The fire broke out at the Cape York building on the corner of Jeppe and Nugget streets. Officials are reporting that at this stage the cause of the fire is still unknown.

South Africans have been quick to send love, strength and prayers over social media.

Public Safety MMC Michael Sun, explains the currently known details in the video below.