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Want to know your Uber rider rating? Now you can

Uber riders are rated just like the drivers and, if you’re brave enough, you can check out your rating with just a few taps.


Image: Stockphoto

Uber has pretty much revolutionised the way we think of taxi services. It works well because of its convenience, but also because of the value it places on good service. They care about their drivers and the service they offer, thus the need to rate drivers.

Chances are you probably don’t put a lot of thought into that rating, but for Uber drivers, it’s crucial.

Uber uses driver ratings to create an average rating for each driver. And if a driver’s rating slips below a certain amount, they’re booted off Uber, left to either try other ridesharing services or change their job.

But the drivers rate you too. Mostly, that rating is as mindless as yours, but if you’ve ever been a bit too wasted or thrown up in your Uber driver’s car (yes, that does happen), your rating might have taken a knock.

So, how do you find out your rating? Easy.


  • Select Help from the app’s menu
  • Go to Account in the Report an Issue section
  • Tap “I’d like to know my rating” and BAM, you’ll get your score.

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