Vote for the ANC to honour dea

Vote for the ANC to honour death of crash victims; Zuma tells mourners

The upcoming elections should be used as a platform in defence of the ANC, el presidente said at the funeral – yes, funeral – service of the 10 volunteers who died in last week’s bus accident.

Vote for the ANC to honour dea

Zuma was speaking to mourners who were attending the funeral of the “Ekurhuleni 10,” who dies in an accident on their way back from the ANC’s manifesto launch last weekend.

 “All of us as volunteers of the ANC must honour our fallen comrades by marching together in unity. We must unite as we mobilise our communities to renew their contract with the ANC at the polling stations,” he said.

“ANC representatives must honour their part of the contract by resolving the challenges that are faced by our people.”

The party held a joint funeral for the 10 deceased in Vosloorus where the Zuma capitalised on their deaths in order to push party politics.

According to him, it is ‘fitting to say’ that the 10 volunteers “lost their lives while on duty for this movement”.

“The act of taking time out of their daily lives to attend the launch of the manifesto of our movement was a sign of their commitment to serving the people of South Africa.

“I want to say thank you to the families and friends of the deceased comrades … for having [lent] us exemplary human beings who chose to live their lives in service of their people.”

“The ANC is kept alive by its members who dedicate themselves to serving the people that entrust it with their votes,” Zuma said.

“We are now called upon to return to the homes of our people to remind them of the work that we have done. We must proudly tell the story of the good strides that the ANC government has made.

“We must also humbly accept that more needs to be done. As a result, we are called upon to return to the people to explain our manifesto of commitments as a pledge of our continued service to their demands.”

Zuma added that the lives of the 10 deceased can be compared to those of the ANC’s ancestors – whatever that means –.

 “These are all people who shared the valid belief that the ANC is a movement of the people and a true vehicle for meaningful social change.”

In the only part of his speech that didn’t drip of opportunism, the president added that SA’s high number of road deaths calls for introspection among drivers nationally.

 “Improved policing by traffic officers alone will not solve the problem. It is every driver’s patriotic duty to use South Africa’s roads wisely and responsibly.”