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#DataHasFallen: Vodacom will cut out-of-bundle data prices by 50%

It’s a victory for every South African being exploited by the phone network


Image credit: Pixabay

After months of sustained pressure, Vodacom have finally announced they will be reducing their data costs from Sunday 15th October.

Their extortionate rates have been denying working-class clients fair access to the internet from their phones. The network has been dragged by social media – particularly during the #DataMustFall campaign – and called ‘disgusting’ by SA billionaire Wendy Appelbaum.

However, they are now giving their customers reasons to be cheerful. Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub shared the news, and turned on the charm offensive:

“Over the last few years, we’ve significantly brought down the cost of voice tariffs and moved customers to more affordable plans. We undertook to reduce out-of-bundle rates, and we’ve now delivered on that too. This saving on data costs follows our reducing data prices by 18.9% over the last year alone.”

Data has fallen

What he neglects to mention is that his network were charging between R150-R250 for 1-2GB. For perspective, Telkom offer the same types of packages for R25.

The out-of-bundle rate has already been reduced to 89 cents per megabyte for post-paid customers from Sunday 1st October.

Vodacom certainly seem to be doing their P.R campaign a world of good. Just last week, they announced they would provide free internet connections to universities across South Africa, to help students manage with living on a budget.

Vodacom and their rocky relationship with data

Although, they really do need to give something back to customers. Not only is their data reduction overdue, but they sort of owe SA after users lost their data due to an administrative billing error by the company.

Though they were quick to amend the issue and refund those who had randomly lost their data, it was a huge inconvenience to a large majority.

However, credit where credit’s due. And we aren’t talking about the reimbursements. It’s been a long time coming, but Vodacom have seen the light. It’s true what they say: the customer is always right.