Julius Malema AfriForum EFF

(Julius Malema / Photo supplied: blouinnews)

Violence against whites: Julius Malema tweets in agreement

Julius Malema says ‘amen’ in response to a video calling for ‘black on white violence’.

Julius Malema AfriForum EFF

(Julius Malema / Photo supplied: blouinnews)

The controversial red beret donning revolutionary has once again caused a stir, this time echoing controversial sentiment originally uttered by United States activist Louis Farrakhan. A video reposted by Julius Malema on Sunday calls for violence against whites.

The Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF) Commander-in-Chief has been described as a ‘media dream’ for his controversial nature which spawns content and critical comment at every turn. The latest controversy circling the political leader revolves around a twitter post detailing racial warfare.

The original video interview contains racial rhetoric by Farrakhan, in which he says:

“There is no freedom without the shedding of blood; I’m sorry to say this, nonviolence is not going to bring the land back to us.”

Farrakhan goes on to incite widespread violence against white people, claiming that the only path to socioeconomic freedom is through armed struggle.

The activist urges indigenous peoples to rise up in a violent struggle in order to rectify crimes committed under colonialism, saying:

“Don’t let that white man tell you that violence is wrong; every damn thing he got, he got it by being violent.”

Malema’s tweet gets mixed reactions

The Huffington Post has detailed various responses garnered by Malema’s tweet, some agreeing with the sentiment, while others claim it irresponsible for a political leader to support racial violence.

Who is Louis Farrakhan?

Farrakhan is the leader of the religious group Nation of Islam (NOI) and is no stranger to controversy for his fervent anti-white theology. The US-born religious leader is a self-proclaimed black nationalist, describing people of European descent as devils.

Farrakhan’s organisation is listed as a hate group in America and has repeatedly been accused of gross anti-Semitism.

He is a protégé of activist Malcolm X and was previously known as Louis X in accordance with his commitment to the NOI.

The wife of Malcolm X, Betty Shabazz, has repeatedly spoken out against Farrakhan. Her bitterness directed towards the NOI and Farrakhan, in particular, is due to her belief that both entities were actively involved in her husband’s assassination.