WATCH: Traffic officer’s fist

Image: @Maka_Olona / Twitter

WATCH: Traffic officer’s fist fight with taxi driver in Khayelitsha

It’s just another day in Mzansi. A traffic officer has been spotted in a fist fight in Khayelitsha, Cape Town during broad daylight.

WATCH: Traffic officer’s fist

Image: @Maka_Olona / Twitter

In what looks more like a dubious film scene, a traffic officer went toe to toe in a fist fight with a taxi driver in Cape Town’s Khayelitsha, the unbelievable video was shared on Twitter on Tuesday 9 November.


While the video leaves a dozen unanswered questions after watching it, what is crystal clear is the road official’s uniform and his combat opponent having a full go at each while the motorists drove by closely.

The video shooter is heard saying “It’s a taxi driver. He [the traffic officer] is putting tear gas on him!”

The road rules enforcer is seen grabbing the taxi driver’s blue top off before charging into him with a fist swing next to the road. The two fighters then took the battle right into the middle of the road.

Seconds later the fight got disbanded by a group of three men who stepped in to hold back the traffic officer’s fight in Khayelitsha.


In other road drama news, a daring local motorist has been captured on video driving a beat-up car with trolley wheels with a Cape Town registration plate.

The 44-second video appeared on Twitter where a fellow motorist moved behind the car to capture the bizarre and dangerous act.

One of the missing back wheels had been replaced with four trolley wheels. “Wow this is so cool my broer!” said the video capture. The video capturer is heard laughing in encouragement as the reckless driver of the Golf rolls on the road with only three roadworthy wheels.

The registration plate, CEY, suggests the vehicle could be from the Strand and Gordon’s Bay areas of Cape Town.

The vehicle drove towards an empty traffic lights intersection before turning a right corner. “It should turn, it should turn,” said the occupants from the other vehicle, while the passenger in the front seat, hanging out of the window, is heard yelling “what we’re doing here is mathematics!”