Video of Cape Town

Photo: Screengrab of video

Video of Cape Town teen’s brutal assault at Clifton 4th Beach doing the rounds

A video of a teenager being assaulted at Clifton’s 4th Beach is doing the rounds as matriculants around Cape Town began their annual post-valedictory celebrations.

Video of Cape Town

Photo: Screengrab of video

A video of a brutal attack on a teenager recently started circulating as matriculants around Cape Town began their annual post-valedictory celebrations on the beach when the incident occurred.


It is known in the area that teenagers gather at the beach every year to celebrate their last day of school before final exams commence.

In the video, a teenager lying on the ground is brutally kicked in the face and attacked while other teenagers watch and cheer.

The City of Cape Town’s (COCT) Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security JP Smith reportedly told Cape {town} Etc that the incident was a minor scuffle between teenagers that have been gathering on the beach.

“The rumours about the boy that died are untrue. Officers offered medical assistance to the boy but he denied it, as well as opening a case.”

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Smith reportedly further mentioned that the COCT’s law enforcement agencies will be on high alert to confiscate alcohol and to prevent incidents like this from happening.

Meanwhile police spokesperson provincial commander, Colonel Andre Traut reportedly said the Camps Bay Police and other law enforcement agencies responded to an alleged fight at the beach on Friday evening.

While the videos show the boy being badly beaten up, he chose not to open a case of assault.

“It was established that an individual was assaulted, but he refused to lodge an official complaint,” Traut said.

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While various people on Twitter have commented, saying the assaulted matric pupil has died, Traut confirmed that this is untrue.

Police continued to monitor the situation where a large number of young people gathered, and no further incidents were reported.