price gouging essential items

Drone footage of shops being looted in Port Edward on Tuesday. Photo: Kobus Wolvaardt

Video: Shops still looted in Port Edward amid violent protests

Shops in Port Edward are still being looted, the N2 near Tongazi Caltex Garage and the main entrance at Port Edward blocked.

price gouging essential items

Drone footage of shops being looted in Port Edward on Tuesday. Photo: Kobus Wolvaardt

Several shops in Port Edward are still being looted on Tuesday morning amid the widespread riots in KwaZulu-Natal.


According to the GP security company in the area, the looting started on Monday evening, continuing throughout the night. 

The main entrance at Port Edward was closed due to riots and looters, while the other entries are manned by the community who has come out in numbers to ensure that the looters don’t enter the town. 

Residents in the area have been urged to avoid the areas and to stay home. 

The N2 near Tongazi Caltex Garage was closed due to the riots and looters and the situation, according to local security companies, remains hostile.  

The N3 route, which connects KZN with Gauteng, has been shut off to traffic due to ‘safety and security issues earlier on Tuesday. Both provinces have witnessed widespread rioting since Saturday.

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Hundreds of businesses and shops in both provinces have been ransacked and looted since the weekend. 

According to the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security (JCPS) Cluster, a total of 10 people have been killed so far in the violent riots while four police officers have been injured and 757 so-called Zuma protesters and looters have been arrested.

“Our latest reports indicate that a total of 757 people have been arrested. In KwaZulu- Natal a total of 304 and in Gauteng 453 were arrested. Of concern is the loss of lives that has accompanied the incidence of violence and destruction to property. 

“The total number of fatalities that has been reported is 10, with four in KZN and six in GP. Furthermore, four police officers were injured while responding to these violent protests and are recovering well.” 

President Cyril Ramaphosa told South Africans ‘the army will be sent in’ to quell the violent riots that have gripped both KZN and Gauteng, in the aftermath of Jacob Zuma’s incarceration.

“The SANDF deployment will take place this week, and it is hoped that our collection of soldiers can help restore law and order to each region.”

He warned the nation that ‘food and medicine shortages’ could be caused by these riots.

Ramaphosa slammed those who ‘instigated chaos’.

Video: Kobus Wolvaardt

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This comes after Mayhem erupted last week, shortly after Jacob Zuma was taken to jail. Protests became large-scale riots, and over the past 48 hours or so, looters have decided to target shops and destroy various properties. SAPS has been overwhelmed with the sheer scale of the violence.

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