Mbalula Ramaphosa

Image: @mmodiba10 / Twitter

Watch topless Mbalula: ‘They mustn’t talk sh*t about Cyril’

Ncooh, so cute. How dear is Ramaphosa to Mbalula? A topless Fikile is seen in this video pleading ‘they mustn’t talk sh*t’ about Cyril.’

Mbalula Ramaphosa

Image: @mmodiba10 / Twitter

A video of Fikile Mbalula passionately defending Ramaphosa hit Twitter on Wednesday. The Minister of Transport was captured while letting his hair down over some drinks with an associate.


No ANC politician consistently makes his presence felt on Twitter as much as “Fiks” aka “Mbaks.” The minister has long enjoyed popularity on the app but we’re not so sure he will be pleased with this video.

Chilling topless on a couch with an associate, the 10-second video hears Fikile Mbalula saying “they mustn’t talk sh*t about Cyril” – while his associate replies to say “but the truth must be told.”

While the full context of the chat is not confirmed, it begins with the other man saying “It happened at the last minute,” before Mbalula cuts in to say “yes they give him/her no chance at all.”

Mbalula’s Ramaphosa defence said: “They mustn’t talk sh*t about Cyril,” before the associate says in the last second of the video “but the truth must be told.”


What the two men were exactly talking about is not yet confirmed at this point. Will the full context of the chat be confirmed? Well, Mbalula hardly lets anything with his name on it just pass by Twitter without ‘clearing’ it.

We can surely expect a response sooner or later.

In another recent Twitter controversy, Mbalula found himself in the middle of a face-off, this time with sports journalist, Robert Marawa.

It all started when Mbalula tweeted: “SABC; they dealt with Robert. Mxm, let me keep quiet.”

It seems he already said enough to get Marawa worked up because soon the former SABC employee was grilling the minister, much to the amusement of Twitter users who quickly grabbed their popcorn to see how it would all unfold.

“Uthini wena campaign manager? Who ‘dealt’ with me? Ungenaphi wena?” the broadcaster wrote.

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