Valentine's Day

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Cop gives wife a blue eye for not posting him on Valentine’s Day

The cop allegedly argued with his wife about why she didn’t post him on her WhatsApp status for Valentine’s Day and assaulted her.

Valentine's Day

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The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) is investigating a case of a policeman who allegedly assaulted his wife for not wishing him a Happy Valentine’s Day. 

While many people across the world celebrated with grand displays of affection, it was unfortunately not the case for some. It is alleged that on Monday, 14 February 2022 at about 22:00 the complainant was at her premises when her husband called her and started an argument on why she didn’t say Happy Valentine’s Day . 


IPID spokesperson, Grace Langa said the complainant informed her husband that on Valentine’s Day she was busy at work and her husband then hung up the phone . 

On Tuesday, 15 May 2022, at about 17:00 the husband arrived at home and started an argument again with the complainant. He continued to ask why didn’t she post him on her status on WhatsApp for Valentine’s Day. He “the husband” then got aggressive and took out the SIM cards on both of her cellphones as well as the phones claiming that they were bought with his money.

“They continued to argue and the suspect got more aggressive and ended up assaulting the complainant. The complainant fell and broke her leg.

The suspect then locked the complainant in the house and left but the complainant managed to get out of the house through the garage door and went to the police station to open a case. She went to the hospital.” 

IPID spokesoerson, Grace Langa

Langa said the 44-year-old complainant’s leg is broken and she currently has a blue eye as well. 

IPID arrested the 42-year-old suspect in Ficksburg and he was expected to appear in court on Friday, 18 February 2022.

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