Motorcyclist fleeing police
Photo sourced via Twitter @PaulaZ

WATCH: Motorcyclist fleeing police KILLED in crash

The fatal head-on collision between the motorcycle and a vehicle, was caught on a live television broadcast this past week


Motorcyclist fleeing police
Photo sourced via Twitter @PaulaZ

Television viewers got the shock of their lives when they witnessed a speeding motorcyclist die in a head-on crash.

According to Fox News, the cyclist, whose identity is unknown at this stage, clocked as high as 209 km per hour in West Hills, California. The crash occurred on Thursday, 20 January 2022.

At some point in the clip, the driver speeds past other cars and is seen standing up while driving. The motorcycle has apparently been stolen.


Two people were injured as a result of the crash which killed the unknown motorcyclist, but the extent of their wounds isn’t known. Aerial images showed a mangled maroon sedan and the motorcycle.

As to what exactly led to the chase, the Los Angeles Police Department said the driver’s license plate came back as stolen. According to a department official, officers were only tracking the motorcycle and were not in pursuit at the time of the crash, as some news outlets were reporting.

“There were some statements made that we were in pursuit of this motorcycle. I just want to make it very clear, at no time were we in pursuit,”

LAPD Captain Andy Neiman

“It’s a very sad day here. Just another example of how reckless driving – regardless of who it is – causes death,” LAPD Captain Andy Neiman told KCBS-TV.

Further shedding light on the incident, Neiman says undercover officers noticed something suspicious about the motorcycle and its rider.

“There was something that alerted the undercover officers. They ran motorcycle license and it came back as a confirmed stolen,” he says.

When officers attempted to pull the motorcyclist over in a nearby parking lot, he bolted from the scene.

“When he fled, a decision was made by the supervisors and the incident commanders that we would not pursue this motorcycle,” Neiman added.

While the police vehicle that had stopped the rider did not follow the motorcycle, the helicopter was still tracking him. Neiman says there was a number of factors which determined their decision to not go after the rider, including the time of the incident, the level of traffic in the area and the potential danger to the public.