Biden US election

Photo: Joe Biden / Twitter

US Election update, 14 October: Biden widens poll lead, Trump ‘asks to be liked’

It’s a long way back for Donald Trump, but he has a history of defying the odds. Joe Biden sits pretty in the polls, despite the president’s latest tirade.

Biden US election

Photo: Joe Biden / Twitter

We’ve got a round-up of all the latest news from the US Election, and the build-up to the big day. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden campaigned hard over the last 24 hours, on another day punctuated by stinging jibes and surreal moments. We’re also focusing on how the land lies in the battleground states, and the most recent national polls for 14 October.

US Election 2020 – all the latest news and updates on Wednesday 14 October

The latest from Donald Trump’s campaign:

  • Trump, addressing a rally in Pennsylvania, said Biden was ‘choking like a dog’ during their televised debate.
  • He claimed the Democratic frontrunner was ‘the pawn of communists’.
  • Ignoring Biden’s staunch opposition to far-left policies, Trump said his rival ‘was siding with socialists, Marxists and left-wing extremists’.
  • The president, aged 74, Tweeted a doctored image, purporting to show Biden in a wheelchair, surrounded by elderly people in a room.

The latest from Joe Biden’s campaign:

  • Biden recalled that Trump once remarked that the virus, which has taken a brutal toll among the elderly, “infects virtually nobody.”
  • He told seniors attending an event at a retirement center in Miami that Trump has “never been focused on them.”
  • Biden hammered Trump on his alleged disregard for the elderly, saying that he views senior citizens as “expendable”.
  • The Democratic nominee also vowed to unite America, wherever the president ‘seeks to divide it’:

US Election: Latest polls for Wednesday 14 October

The University of Southern California Dornslife Election “Daybreak” Poll, which tracks changes in Americans’ views throughout the presidential campaign, shows Biden with a lead of almost 13 points over his adversary. This poll is a significant one, as it predicted The Donald would upset the odds and win the presidency in 2016.

Several forecasts show that Biden remains in a commanding position on Wednesday 14 October – but that won’t mean anything to President Trump, who is more than accustomed to playing the role of ‘underdog’:

Upcoming engagements – and when is the next debate?

Trump will next have an event on Wednesday, October 14 in Iowa. He’ll be at Des Moines International Airport for the rally beginning at 19:00. Joe Biden is scheduled to hold a televised ‘Town Hall Debate’ on Thursday, with DJT also muscling in – he will hold a similar event at the same time.

The scheduled debate on Thursday 15 October was postponed after Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis. The next one is pencilled in for 22 October. Biden’s camp is open to holding the frank exchange of views via an online platform, but Trump has ruled out partaking in such a debate.

Where are the key battleground states?

A number of states are on a knife-edge in America. Key battlegrounds across the country essentially decided the US Election four years ago, as there was a major swing towards Trump’s campaign. However, a number of these states are on course to turn blue again: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, and Arizona all seem to be leaning towards Biden.

US Election: The oddest moment of the past 24 hours

Even taking the president’s Twitter dig at Biden into account, that still wasn’t the weirdest thing we’ve seen on the campaign trail this time around. Instead, we are highlighting Trump’s message to suburban women in Pennsylvania. During his latest rally, the president made reference to his Affordable Housing stance and asked the demographic; ‘please like me’.

“Do me a favor, suburban women, would you please like me? I saved your damn neighborhood, okay?”