Multiple injuries after vehicl

Image: Screenshot- U.S. Sun

Multiple injuries after vehicle plows into Black Lives Matter protesters in NYC

The woman driver allegedly tried to flee after mowing through the protesters.

Multiple injuries after vehicl

Image: Screenshot- U.S. Sun

Several people were injured when a car smashed into a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters in Manhattan, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has said, giving no further details about the incident.

A NYPD spokesman confirmed that a vehicle “plowed” into the protesters at the corner of 39th Street and Third Avenue in Midtown Manhattan on Friday afternoon.

Their injuries did not appear to be life-threatening but the injured were ferried to hospitals.

Dozens of officers cordoned off the area after the incident.

A video from the scene showed a handcuffed woman, apparently the driver, being led away by police.

Several protesters can be seen following her and shouting profanity. “You f***ing b***h! You hit me with your car!” one person yells.

“That’s her!” another shouts immediately after.

The protesters were marching “in solidarity” with people jailed on immigration charges in Bergen County Jail in neighboring New Jersey, according to the Facebook feed of Mark Appoloa, who describes himself as an ‘Occupy Wall Street organizer.’

The detainees are reportedly on a hunger strike.

A man in his live stream said that a BMW had “plowed through” a group of protesters and that police arrested two demonstrators who chased after the vehicle, the New York Post reported.