Poll Joe Biden Donald Trump South Africans

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Joe Biden vs Donald Trump: Who do South Africans prefer? [poll]

The US Election culminates when the polls finally open on Tuesday – and South Africans have a clear favourite between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Poll Joe Biden Donald Trump South Africans

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The waiting is almost over: Joe Biden and Donald Trump have just about done all the talking they can do in the battle for the White House. Now the two candidates have no choice but to sit back and put their faith in the voters ahead of Tuesday. The 2020 US Election promises to be a close contest – even if South African opinion polls beg to differ.

US Election: Who would everybody outside of the US vote for?

Global pollsters Ipsos have surveyed almost 20 000 people across 24 different countries, in regards to both presidential choices. Overall, it’s Democratic nominee Biden that comes out on top, earning almost three times as many ‘votes of approval’ as his Republican adversary. The gap narrows in terms of who the ‘expected winner’ would be, though:

“When asked who they would vote for in the 2020 U.S. Election, many more adults surveyed in most of 24 countries, not including the United States, say they would vote for Democrat candidate Joe Biden over Republican candidate Donald Trump – 48% would cast a ballot for Biden, while 17% would choose incumbent President Trump.”

“When it comes to who people outside the U.S. expect to win the election, regardless of their preference, 39% of respondents from all countries surveyed went with Biden; 27% think Trump will, 28% don’t know and 6% prefer not to say.”


Joe Biden vs Donald Trump: Here’s who South Africans would vote for

As one of the 24 countries surveyed, South Africa is mid-table in its support for Joe Biden. His approval rating is above the 50% mark, and stands 32 percentage points above his opponent. However, SA’s polling for Donald Trump – though quite modest – is in the top-third of positive respondents. Elsewhere, 28% of South Africans would not commit to either politician:

  • More than half of all South Africans surveyed – 52% – would vote for Joe Biden.
  • Only 20% of our fellow citizens – around one in five – would give their backing to Donald Trump.
  • IPSOS also found that only 3% of South Africans are worried about the ‘integrity’ of our next elections.
  • Meanwhile, Biden enjoys the most love from Sweden, with 73% of nationals naming him as their preferred candidate.
  • Donald Trump’s 34% approval rating in India is the best on this survey – although Joe is polling at 38% in this country.
  • Joe Biden’s lowest favourability rating comes from Russia (13%), and Trump’s worst approval numbers come from Mexico (7%). The jokes really do write themselves here…
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Poll conducted on 23 October 2020 – Photo: IPSOS