US Election results biden trump states

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US Election: Biden vs Trump may be decided ‘by these four states’

The US Election is split down the middle on Wednesday morning. It seems that four battleground states will decide if Biden or Trump wins the race.

US Election results biden trump states

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Regardless of your political stance, you’re waking up this morning with butterflies in your stomach. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are battling for the White House, and what a dogfight it is turning out to be. The US Election is much tighter than first thought, meaning that the vote could be won at the behest of just four states.

US Election – latest results for Biden vs Trump

The Democrats and the Republicans are fighting for key battleground states. Biden needs to flip a few reds before he has any chance of ousting Donald Trump from the White House. However, as of 6:30 SAST, it seems that the challenger is struggling to pull clear in most key markets.

Biden has extended his lead in the electoral college, with CNN and Politico forecasting an advantage of 80-90 votes. However, you can expect this margin to be eaten away as several Trump-friendly states count their ballots.

Which states could decide the vote?

Given the way the American political system works, the power to decide who will run the country for the next four years may now rest with just a handful of states. We’ve got a nail-biter on our hands here – and the future of American politics could lie with these four locations:


The famously-red state looks like it will turn blue, in an historic local win for the Democrats. Joe Biden holds an eight-point lead with more than three-quarters of votes counted. He has 200 000 more votes than Trump, with 25% of ballots to be tallied. This state could be of enormous importance by the final reckoning.


With just under 50% of the vote counted, Pennsylvania seems to be staying red. Trump is on 55.3% so far, and it’s a gap that Biden looks unlikely to close on election night. We understand most mail-in ballots are yet to be counted, though.


The picture again looks good for Trump, on the surface. The Republican holds an 11-point lead over the Democratic challenger, with little over 43% of the vote counted here. Trump is currently polling at 54%, although this number is likely to change when the mail-in ballots are accounted for.


This is a much tighter race, even if it is currently favouring Donald Trump. The president leads by 4%, with a margin of 80 000 between the pair and half of the in-person vote counted.