Upington: Police baffled by the death of unknown man

The Upington police are trying to identify a man killed on Sunday.

Upington: Police baffled by the death of unknown man

Upington police are looking to identify a man who was knocked and killed on the N10 in the early hours of Sunday, 6 March.

Upington: Police baffled by the death of unknown man

The Upington police are trying to identify a man killed on Sunday.

Upington police are seeking assistance from the community to identify a man who was found dead on the N10. It is believed the man was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

How and when did the man die?

Sergeant Omphile Masegela, Northern Cape’s Upington police spokesperson, said the identity of the man remains a mystery.

Masegela confirmed that a case of culpable homicide is currently being investigated and all leads were being pursued. No arrests have yet been made by the police.

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“The incident occurred during the early hours of Sunday, 06 March near Saltana Oord on the N10 road,” Masegela said.

What the police knows about the man

It was speculated by police that the man could be between the ages of 25 and 35 at the time of his death but they could not link the man with any identifying information.

“What was known is that at the time of his death he was wearing a red shirt and black trousers but we have officers working on the case.”

How to help police solve the case of the unknown man

Although the deceased man’s identity continued to baffle police Warrant officer Steven Roos was handling the case. He was not simply just trying to identify the man but is also hunting down the perpetrator. The warrant officer could be contacted on 082 495 4615 and appreciated all the tips and assistance he received from the general public.

Pedestrian safety vital to prevent future deaths

Arrive Alive believed pedestrians should be just as cautious on the roads and drivers as some of the leading causes of their deaths included being intoxicated, reckless behaviour on the pavements, taking chances when crossing the road, ignoring traffic lights, and being poorly visible to drivers

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Safety Advice for pedestrians:

  • Always obeying road signs and traffic lights (robots).
  • Encouraging the wearing of lightly coloured and high visibility, reflective clothing.
  • Warning about the dangers of distracted walking in traffic.
  • Not walking on the road but on the pavement. If there is no pavement, walk as near to the edge as possible, facing the oncoming traffic.
  • Avoiding roads at all times when intoxicated.
  • When crossing the road and there is a pedestrian bridge, use it, even if it means walking further.
  • Never cross the road without looking both ways, and check that there is no traffic before crossing the road.
  • Never assume that you have been seen – many disturbances might attract the attention of the motorist, including a low sun in the early morning or late afternoon.
  • Be wary. Most drivers are nice people but don’t count on them paying attention.
  • Watch out – make eye contact to be sure they see you!
  • Do not walk and stop halfway across the road – remain beside the road until both lanes are clear for you to cross safely.