The Springbok player had failed to pay maintenance for his estranged 12-year-old daughter. PHOTO: Instagram/@edbekker85

UPDATE: ‘Deadbeat’ Springbok player FINALLY pays up maintenance

The Springbok player, who has been dodging paying child maintenance, can now access to his assets since he finally paid up his arrears.


The Springbok player had failed to pay maintenance for his estranged 12-year-old daughter. PHOTO: Instagram/@edbekker85

Springbok hooker Bongi Mbonambi has finally paid up his outstanding maintenance for his estranged child.

Mbonambi, who also pays for The Sharks, made the payment on Tuesday after the Springs Magistrate’s Court attached his assets.


Mbonambi has been dodging paying maintenance for his estranged 12-year-old daughter. He has a child with Koketso Matlala, who was conceived and born in 2010.

Matlala has confirmed that she received payment from Mbonambi on Tuesday afternoon.

“The matter is finally resolved and I trust it won’t be necessary for me to approach the court to force Mbomabi to fulfil his obligations again,” she told The South African.

While her daughter has been yearning for a relationship with Mbonambi, Matlala says she has instead started to accept the current situation.

“My daughter knows everything now and is learning to accept things as they are. She will continue to draw strength and love from those who are, and want to be in her life. That’s enough.”

Koketso Matlala

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According to the Springbok player’s lawyer, Mbonambi was not ready to be a father. PHOTO: sharksrugby.co.za


The Springbok player has been defaulting in paying maintenance, which was ordered by the court in 2019.

This led to the attachment of his assets last week by the Springs Magistrate’s Court. But since he has now paid up his arrears, this means the attachment will be lifted.

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Mbonambi’s lawyers have claimed in other Afrikaans publications, such as Netwerk24 and Rapport, that the Springbok had indeed paid maintenance.

Van der Merwe Incorporated claim that their client is only in arrears in paying the required yearly inflation-related increase.

When asked for comment, Ben van der Merwe told The South African to rather speak to Rapport.

“We have no comment on your email. We have commented on queries from Rapport last week. Should you wish to liaise with them to get our comments, please correspond with Julian Jansen,” van der Merwe said.

Gert van der Merwe, another attorney of Mbonambi, seemingly denies the screenshots proving that Mbonambi had been avoiding Matlala’s texts.

The Springbok player’s lawyers claim that Matlala has been contacting him on his old cellphone number. PHOTO: Supplied

For the past few months, she had been texting him to remind him of his outstanding payments. But Mbonambi did not reply.

Van der Merwe claims Matlala has been contacting Mbonambi on his old cellphone number. The number she has been texting him on is however the same contact details which The South African successfully reached him on last week.

Mbonambi declined to comment before hanging up.

But Matlala’s frustration is that she often has to remind Mbonambi to commit to the court order.

Van der Merwe told Netwerk24 that Mbonambi “was a young guy when the pregnancy happened. He was shocked. He was not ready to be a father. He said she should go to her parents and he would take care of the child [financially].”