Ace Magashule Unemployment

Ace Magashule addresses the media in Pretoria, with Pule Mabe looking on – Photo: MYANC / Twitter

ANC “declare war” on unemployment: Six ways they plan to create jobs

South Africa’s dismal unemployment rate is a source of national shame. But as revealed by Ace Magashule, the ANC have the power to create more jobs.

Ace Magashule Unemployment

Ace Magashule addresses the media in Pretoria, with Pule Mabe looking on – Photo: MYANC / Twitter

The ANC have concluded their three-day lekgotla in Pretoria. With much focus on the fabled “integrity commission”, the only resolutions that were shared with the public focus solely on policy, rather than the future of certain politicians. Ace Magashule delivered their findings, which mainly centred around the unemployment crisis.

More than 27% of eligible workers in South Africa are jobless. It’s one of the worst rates in the world, with youth unemployment topping 50% recently. Mzansi needs a desperate change in its fortunes, but many will remain sceptical that the ANC turn the tide on these dismal figures.

Ace Magashule unveils ANC plans to fight unemployment

Magashule reminded everyone that unemployment has actually fallen over 25 years of his party’s rule, but not many will be impressed by this indicator. The secretary-general did look to the future, however, and revealed that the ANC’s top brass have a few plans to reignite the jobs market. Because heaven knows our economy needs a boost.

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Magashule revealed the “Aces” up his sleeve to get South Africans back to work and cut the unemployment rate from 27% to 14% over the next five years. These are the government’s long-term strategies for the war on joblessness:

ANC vs unemployment – the path to 14%:

Reverse spatial apartheid

Magashule was crystal clear that his party would work towards building more homes near the big cities, where the work is. A huge problem working-class employees face is the distance between townships and the main cluster of job opportunities. This will change, according to the SG.

Reconsider diplomatic relations

This could be the most controversial suggestion of the lot, but the ANC are planning to downgrade Israel’s embassy in South Africa. They instead want to focus on implementing a strong relationship with the Brics countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) while reaching out to developing “Latin American” nations to build job opportunities.

Increase the social wage, says Ace Magashule

Magashule says the party are very keen to increase wages from the bottom-up. The National Minimum Wage Bill has already been signed into law, but it seems the party are targeting a more lucrative “living salary”.

Scrap “experience requirements” for job applicants

Graduates across the country, this is a dream come true. This isn’t even a promise, either – Ace Magashule confirmed that the “experience requirement” will be dropped immediately from a multitude of industries across the country. This is, technically speaking, an implemented policy as of Tuesday afternoon. And a victory for common sense, too.

Target youngsters with skills programmes to curb unemployment

We didn’t get too much detail on how this would be implemented, but Magashule was very keen to stress that teaching skills and also “reskilling” the current workforce would help the unemployment figures drop by more than half, *if* jobseekers got the chance to educate themselves in specialist areas like ICT.

Ace Magashule says “data must fall”

“The reduction of the cost of data is viewed as urgent and critical”, according to the official statement. With cheaper data costs, using the internet to apply for jobs would become much more accessible for the disenfranchised workers of South Africa. Make it happen…

  • You can read the ANC’s full statement here: