UDM manifesto launch

Image credit: Twitter/UDM

UDM Manifesto Launch 2019: Watch it live here [video]

The Isaac Wolfson stadium at KwaZakhele in Port Elizabeth has been chosen to accommodate members and supporters today.

UDM manifesto launch

Image credit: Twitter/UDM

The UDM Manifesto Launch is going down in Mandela Bay Metro today. The UDM’s provincial spokesperson, Mabandla Gogo said they chose Mandela Bay because “job creation is still a challenge” in the area:

“Whilst there’s opportunity to grow economically, job creation is still a challenge. There’s still visible poverty in Nelson Mandela metro – that’s why it was chosen. The UDM leadership will be doing walkabouts in all townships of the metro trying to raise awareness that on 16th they must gather at the stadium to listen to UDM president (Holomisa) who’ll be presenting alternative policies.”

What time does the UDM Manifesto Launch start?

Members have been trickling to that Isaac Wolfson stadium since before 8:00. The event was slated to begin at 9:00 but proceedings seem to be delayed.

The speeches should commence from 12:30 with UDM president Bantu Holomisa expected to deliver the manifesto just after midday. The live feed can be viewed below. At the moment, supporters are gathering around the stadium.

Where to watch the UDM Manifesto Launch

SABC News is broadcasting life from the Isaac Wolfson stadium. If you cannot make it to the proceedings in person, feel free to follow the launch below.

Watch: Supporters celebrating in Port Elizabeth