Watch: Two Centurion women dra

Screengrab/Multimedia LIVE

Watch: Two Centurion women dragged from car and kidnapped [video]

Two women were kidnapped on Wednesday 14 November from Jewel Beetle Street in Raslouw, Centurion.

Watch: Two Centurion women dra

Screengrab/Multimedia LIVE

The women were passengers in a VW Polo driven by a 63-year-old man at the time of the attack. The security footage shows a white Mercedez pulling up behind them. Four armed men jumped out and forcibly removed the women from the silver Polo; one woman was dragged across the road by her arms.

Bennitt Bartl from Rekord Centurion reports that one of the armed assailants sped off in the VW Polo while his partners in crime forced the women into the Mercedez and their male friend into the boot of their car.

The victims were identified

One of the women was later identified as Charity Mhlungu Nzuzu, an executive officer of the National Forum on Legal Profession and CEO of Law Practicing Council. Police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo told the Rekord:

“The hijacked vehicle was found abandoned in Johannesburg. The motive behind the kidnapping cannot be confirmed at this stage, but the investigation is continuing.”

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Both kidnapped women were found unharmed

General secretary Zwelinzima Vavi from the South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) confirmed on Twitter earlier today that the women were found. Nzuzu was dropped off at a garage in Midrand, and her colleague was dropped off in Johannesburg. He wrote:

“Thanks to all Charity Nzuza has been found at 1am this morning. The criminals dropped her at a garage. Criminals had been told she controls a budget of R6m at work & were convinced she can transfer all of it to them. They, however, succeeded to transfer her personal money on d phone.”

According to The Citizen, the assailants withdrew R5,000 from her personal account on Wednesday evening, and another R5,000 right after midnight. She was released shortly after that. The four kidnappers are still at large.

Since the news of their safe return was shared online, citizens have expressed their rage on Twitter, questioning why security companies don’t monitor CCTV screens. Another user, Nolan Naidoo, said the R10,000 money trail can be followed to the criminals’ bank account.

WATCH: Women kidnapped in Centurion