Turns out Prasa’s lead enginee

Turns out Prasa’s lead engineer wasn’t an engineer at all, go figure

Things are going from bad to worse for the folks over at Prasa, what with their CEO fired last week and their chief engineer given the boot for fibbing about his engineering degree.

Turns out Prasa’s lead enginee

So ‘Dr. Daniel Mtimkulu’, who lied about studying engineering at Wits – you’d think he would have at least chose a less conspicuous university – to lie about – has been fired, not two days after his old boss (not so)Lucky Montana was also let go.

Montana, Prasa’s ex CEO and Mtimkulu, the agency’s lead engineer, are at the centre of one of South Africa’s newest tender scandals and really did try their best to make it seem as if none of it was their fault.

Now there’s no need to go into all the details again, but basically, these two are responsible for buying R3.5 billion worth of locomotives from Spain only to find out they can’t safely run on our rail infrastructure. This is bart of a much larger tender of around R40 billion.

Now it all makes sense… of course Mtimkulu – as lead engineer and the man responsible for the safety of millions – didn’t know that the locomotives wouldn’t run safely, he’s not a real engineer!