Jacaranda FM hosts to face a hearing for on-air comments about whites


Tumi Morake ‘stands by’ her Jacaranda FM race comments, calls for unity

The radio host has bravely stuck to her guns after a tumultuous week…

Jacaranda FM hosts to face a hearing for on-air comments about whites


Jacaranda FM host Tumi Morake caused a storm this week when she likened white South African’s to bullies with an on-air analogy.

Referencing life after Apartheid, Morake made a claim that enraged white and Afrikaner communities and lead to a major sponsor withdrawing from the radio station:

What Tumi Morake said…

“It’s like a child whose bicycle was taken forcefully away from him. Then you say to the bully, ‘no, no, no. Share the bike together. Don’t be like that.’

Since Tuesday, she has very much been subject to a trial-through-social-media. Morake became the subject of a 38,000-member Facebook page. They want to boycott Jacaranda FM.

She waited until late on Thursday evening – after the stormy seas had slightly subsided – to defend her actions and communicate her point of view. We must say, she did it brilliantly:

Emboldened by the unequivocal backing of both the station and their owners, Morake made some sterling comments in her seven-point explanation posted to Facebook. If social media was previously her judge, jury and execution, it has since become her platform to address the onlooking jurors:

South Africa is a diverse country with many different view points, which matter. It’s important to engage each other across our differences. And also, we must stop giving a voice to the extreme right and left wings who hijack these convos to forward their own agenda.

We need to listen to each other as a country. We must move together to solve the problems facing our joint futures

Unapologetic, but not without remorse:

She did acknowledge that her statements caused a fair bit of uproar. However, she maintained the importance of listening to views that are different to her own, and encouraged South Africans to follow suit.

Morake is right what she’s saying. This country is an absolute beacon of diversity: Therefore, it’s going to be a melting pot of contrasting views and opinions. For a lot of us, some are going to be harder to listen to than others.

In the spirit of free speech and opinions, we want to know what your take on the Tumi Morake saga is. Is she embodying South African values, or did she overstep the mark? Let us know in our Facebook comments section.