A young nurse was brutally murdered allegedly by her boyfriend in Esikhaleni, KZN. Image: Pixabay.

Tshepisong man sentenced for stabbing girlfriend to death

According to the NPA, the man murdered the woman and left her body in their shack, before fleeing the scene


A young nurse was brutally murdered allegedly by her boyfriend in Esikhaleni, KZN. Image: Pixabay.

The South Gauteng High Court has sentenced a 28-year-old to life behind bars for the brutal killing of his girlfriend in December 2020. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) says the man, Presley Ramosidi and Bulelwa Thimbela, stayed together in a shack in her family’s backyard.

On that fateful night, Ramosidi was reportedly angry because Thimbela had spent the night out with friends at a nearby tavern.

“He confronted the deceased and an argument ensued, the accused took out knives from the kitchen drawer and attempted to stab Thimbela, but her friend managed to intervene. After Thimbela’s friend left, the accused locked the deceased inside the shack and stabbed her multiple times,” said NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane.

After stabbing her, Ramosidi locked their room and fled the scene.

“The deceased was discovered by her family, following witnessing the commotion between the couple. They became suspicious when they saw the accused locking the shack and leaving, as they knew that he was not alone inside the shack. They found the spare key and opened it, finding the deceased lying in a pool of blood on the bed”

NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane


The NPA says Bulelwa Thimbela’s brother spoke of the impact her murder has had on the family.

The state’s Adv. Monde Mbaqa argued that women look up to the courts for protection against gender-based violence perpetrators. He added that the scourge of gender-based violence, demands that harsh sentences be imposed to serve as a deterrent and retribution.

“The NPA commends the dedication of both the prosecutor, Adv Mbaqa and investigating officer Sergeant Magoboya, towards the fight against gender-based violence. Society relies on the court system to root out the pandemic of gender-based violence by imposing sentences that portray the seriousness of the Criminal Justice System in its fight against gender-based violence,” Mjonondwane added.

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