Trumpshaba: ANC labels DA’s Ma

Trumpshaba: ANC labels DA’s Mashaba “Trump like”

The ANC’s not letting up on the pressure in their former metro.

Trumpshaba: ANC labels DA’s Ma

US President Donald Trump has been causing all kinds of controversy since he has taken office, most  say he has gone too far but he has his fans. Herman Mashaba has had much less controversy since taking office as mayor of Johannesburg, the controversy he has had though, has mostly come from the ANC.

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On Tuesday it was announced that Mashaba had fired the metro’s political head of environmental and infrastructure services. Anthony Still and Mashaba’s “difference of opinion” regarding how to tackle investigations into the city’s alleged fraud and corruption, turned out to be beyond repair.  Mashaba has accused Still of being in the way of combating corruption, allegations that Still denies.

On Monday President Trump fired someone of his own, national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Both Trump and Mashaba have expressed strong desire to get rid of illegal immigrants, the ANC is now jumping on these similarities.  Jolidee Matongo  is the ANC’s spokesperson for greater Joburg  and she is NOT happy. Matongo called on DA councillors resist Mashaba’s “Trump like tendencies.”

Mashaba’s camp have not taken that lying down, immediately rejecting the comparison to Trump, calling it “faultily drawn parallels.”

“Intellectually disingenuous and at best a lazy attempt by the city’s previous governing party (and its allies) to undermine the important work undertaken by the mayor”. – Herman Mashaba’s spokesperson

Herman Mashaba still promises that he and his team will do all they can to fight crime, adding that foreign nationals play an important role and are welcome in his City. Trump or Mashaba? Who would you want as your president? While the ANC in Joburg continues to be bitter after their loss we will wait and see what improvements the DA government can bring. As of right now, the ANC has set the bar pretty low.