trucks nationwide strike

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WATCH: Trucks turned away on N2 in Piet Retief

It is not yet clear whether trucks being turned away in Piet Retief is related to the nationwide strike by truck drivers.

trucks nationwide strike

Photo: Stock/Canva

Trucks are reportedly being turned back to a truck stop on the N2, just outside Piet Retief. 

It was anticipated that several national and provincial routes will be affected by the Truck Drivers Forum and Allied South African (ATDF-ASA) which said it is embarking on a nationwide truck strike on Saturday and Sunday.


In a video shared on social media by a truck driver, a red corolla was turning back another truck. The driver was also turned away by the said corolla. 

“The guys in the red corolla are all armed, they warned us that we must turn back. They warned us that if we come back again we will pay for their petrol for patrolling the trucks here,” the driver said.

It is not yet clear that this incident is related to the nationwide strike by truck drivers.

This week, police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said police will be ready to deal with the strike.

“Police treats all threats as serious and accordingly will deploy police officers and necessary resources to curb such threat.”

In a video currently making rounds on social media, the ATDF-ASA called for a nationwide shutdown.

They also raised several demands, including that all foreign national truck drivers be removed immediately from the freight industry.

The movement also wants a 15% salary increase for all local truck drivers, workers without permits to be removed from trucks, and all trucks registered in South Africa to be driven by South Africans.

Road Freight Association chief executive officer Gavin Kelly told the Witness that they were aware of the shutdown expected.

The Road Freight Association represents the truck owners.

Kelly said law enforcement agencies were also alerted about the shutdown and areas they need to focus on.

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