tropical storm guambe mozambique weather

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Tropical Storm Guambe: Mozambique set for another extreme weather event

Tropical storm Guambe is already obscuring a large portion of the Mozambique Channel.

tropical storm guambe mozambique weather

Image via Ventusky

Tropical storm Guambe follows hot on the heels of Eloise and is set to pass over Mozambique in the coming days. Eloise brought extreme weather conditions – heavy rain and widespread flooding. Many areas in Southern Africa are still recovering.

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) notes that Eloise “directly or indirectly resulted in significant damage to, and destruction of, property, roads and infrastructure, together with much flooding and the resultant loss of life across Africa”.

“Whilst South Africa is unlikely to experience any negative impacts of Guambe, it is highly likely that a combination of torrential tropical rain and extensive flooding will affect an extensive part of the coast and adjacent interior of southern Mozambique, destructive onshore winds and associated marine storm surge can also be expected along the aforementioned coastline”

South African Weather Service (SAWS)

Latest weather forecast – Mozambique, 17 February

How to track Tropical Storm Guambe

As of Wednesday, 17 February 2021, tropical storm Guambe obscured a large portion of the Mozambique Channel. It is currently positioned at 21.4 degrees South and 37.5 degrees East, moving slowly southwards at 2 knots, or 3.7 kilometres per hour.

As per the SAWS’ report, the storm will likely follow predominantly southwards for the next five days, “constrained within 36 to 38 degrees east longitude”. From there, it will likely accelerate in a south-easterly direction.

According to Meteo France, tropical storm Guambe was travelling at 50 knots at 14:00 South African Standard Time (SAST). Track the storm via the Cyclocane interface by following this link.

Tropical Storm Guambe South Africa weather
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Tropical Storm Guambe landfall

As reported earlier, the coastal region between Xai-Xai and Inhambane will likely be affected by strong winds, wind damage, and a storm surge on Saturday, 20 February 2021 when Tropical Storm Guambe makes landfall.

The South African Service predicts that it will then intensify into ‘Tropical Cyclone’ status, with sustained winds of 118 to 166 kilometres per hour. Residents of Beira and Vilanculos were warned of extreme weather conditions as well.

Thankfully, the tropical storm will miss South Africa entirely, and the SAWS says the “system is expected to remain well to the east of our shores” throughout its life cycle. Read more here.

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