KZN Tornado Bergville

Photo: Twitter / Storm Report

Watch: Another tornado tears through KZN as storms intensify

Following the destruction in New Hanover, Bergville has become the latest victim of a tornado produced by the KZN storms on Thursday.

KZN Tornado Bergville

Photo: Twitter / Storm Report

KZN has encountered its second tornado within two days, after the rare weather event tore its way through Bergville. The location, near the Kilburn Dam situated in the Drakensberg, follows in the footsteps of New Hanover.

KZN storms – watch another tornado rip through Bergville here:

Storm Report were the first to upload footage of the suspected tornado, as several videos appeared online. Some were fake, but the dedicated extreme weather enthusiasts were able to sift fact from fiction. They posted a series of clips which depicted event, which looks like it’s straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster:

Tornado confirmed by SAWS

On Tuesday, the South African Weather Serviice (SAWS) were hesitant to confirm that a tornado was spotted in the KZN Midlands. But they’ve wasted no time on Thursday, immediately confirming that the spiralling gusts of wind could be classified as the extreme weather condition:

Provincial leaders “expecting the worst”

Two people died as a result of the New Hanover tornado, which also left more than 20 people injured. Meanwhile, a total of 12 people have been killed as a result of the floods in KZN which began over the weekend.

A miserable week looks set for a fatal conclusion, as COGTA confirmed that these storms “will be worse” than the ones experienced in the province seven months ago – over 70 people were killed in the Easter floods.