Whatsapp new features

Meta’s WhatsApp has made a number of changes to the app. Image:Pixabay

TOP 3: Features WhatsApp could adopt from GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently enabled Lock Chats and edit message feature on the app. A feature that has been available in the unofficial versions for a while.

Whatsapp new features

Meta’s WhatsApp has made a number of changes to the app. Image:Pixabay

Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently added some new features, such as message editing, which went live on the app on Wednesday evening.

However, there are some features that are available in the unofficial version of the app, such as message scheduling, blocking calls from certain contacts, being able to put WhatsApp on flight mode, and downloading WhatsApp statuses.

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GB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp and offers its users more features than aren’t available in the original app. It also bypasses WhatsApps terms of use service and its security features. Created by third-party developers, the modified app isn’t available in your app store but through your web browser.

WhatsApp had previously warned about the use of GB WhatsApp and other clones, going to great lengths as setting temporary bans on accounts linked to the clone.


GB WhatsApp users are able to block calls to individual contacts without blocking the contact entirely. This allows the user to block the contact under their contact info. This could be for various reasons, such as not wanting to talk to colleagues after work hours or refusing to have any distractions while busy with other tasks.

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Mark Zuckerburg Meta, which owns the official Whatsapp app, could also make use of the message scheduling option.

Working just like in emails, using the unverified version of the app, you’re able to schedule when a message can be delivered to a person. This helps save time in setting up reminders or even trying to remember when you’re meant to message someone.

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Send your message ahead of time while you remember and have it delivered when you need it.


How many times have you had to ask a contact to send you a video that’s on their status or ‘steal their pics and statuses with a screenshot? YO WhatsApp users and GB WhatsApp users are able to save video and status content that their contact has shared.

Meta’s WhatsApp used to have the option to download a contacts profile picture, however, that changed in 2019 in a move to give users more privacy and security.


whatsapp chat lock feature
WhatsApp Chat Lock feature Image:@WABetaInfo

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There have been some features of the unverified versions of the app that Meta has adopted in recent times. A month ago, WhatsApp launched the Lock Chat feature. A staple in the unofficial versions for some time now, users of WhatsApp will now be able to protect specific chats with a password.

Locked chats will not be visible with other chats and will be separated into different folders.