Tito Mboweni eskom

Tito Mboweni says SA should support Eskom, not bash them. Image via Twitter: @titomboweni

Beating the bulge? Tito Mboweni’s chicken soup gives diet vibes

Tito Mboweni swapped his usual stew and curry with a hot bowl of soup and left his followers wondering whether he is on a diet.

Tito Mboweni eskom

Tito Mboweni says SA should support Eskom, not bash them. Image via Twitter: @titomboweni

Former South African Finance Minister Tito Mboweni recently left people wondering whether or not he is trying to lose weight. This is because the former minister turned social media star and amateur chef took a break from his usual stews and curries and instead opted for a nice and lean chicken soup.

Heading to his favourite app Twitter, Tito shared some snaps of the soup which he ordered from a local restaurant and instantly sparked a number of reactions from his followers who are seemingly always watching him.

Tito Mboweni swaps stew for soup

Tito Mboweni has grown himself a nice following on social media and they seem to keep one another well entertained.

Earlier this week, the fun-loving ex-minister left many of his followers wondering if he was trying to lose weight after he shared a post of himself eating something he never eats – soup.

Taking to Twitter on 10 of August, Tito shared a snap of the delightful-looking meal which he captioned:

“Dinner today ⁦@ironcrownpub. Chicken soup and brown bread. ⁦@golimpopo.”

Speculations about the meal begin

Many people instantly started questioning his meal choice. Some people even wondered whether or not the ex-minister is trying to lose a couple of inches across his waistline.

Others however just criticised the look of the meal which they commented looks quite “sad” and not at all appetizing.

Read some of their comments below:

@VusiSambo said:

“Are you now banting, Mr Mboweni??????????”

@Motema71632882 said:

“That’s gotta be the saddest-looking chicken soup I’ve ever seen. Minister, can I make you my famous chicken soup upon my return to Mzansi, please? I insist, for the love of chicken’s sake. ????”

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