The Vaal Dam opened 1 sluice g

The Vaal Dam opened 1 sluice gate and its truly an incredible sight [video]

The power of kiloliters of water moving all at once…

The Vaal Dam opened 1 sluice g

The Vaal Dam is full, by now we all know that. Earlier this week we shared a comparison video of the dam’s levels, from a few months ago to now. The differences were clear, as the rains have continued the levels have exceeded capacity, this means one of the dams sluice gates has to be opened to let water out.

While Gauteng water restrictions are set to be lifted any day now, the Cape is still in dire straits over their water situation. This week the City of Cape Town released a lit of the top 100 water users around the city, only the road name and area though, no specifics like house number or names were listed. This has caused it’s own set of problems amongst residents though.

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On the 1st of March the first Vaal Dam sluice gate was opened. The incredible people at Dirk Grobler Aerial Photography sent their drone back into the sky to capture the sight. It really is an incredible sight, check it out below.