‘The Trial of Cecil John Rhode

‘The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes’ Book Pile. Photo via Instagram @carmens_book_nook

‘The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes’: A masterpiece in magical prose

Academic, professor and author, Dr. Adekeye Adebajo showcases his incredibly descriptive writing in ‘The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes’.

‘The Trial of Cecil John Rhode

‘The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes’ Book Pile. Photo via Instagram @carmens_book_nook

A former Rhodes scholar himself, Professor Adekeye Adebajo has proved to the world that not only is he a formidable academic writer, but he is also a master of imagery and descriptive prose, as is showcased in his latest book, The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes.

Adebajo originally comes from Nigeria and when he was offered a Rhodes Scholarship in 1990, he accepted, despite harsh backlash from his family; a family that felt it was wrong for Adebajo to be accepting this, however prestigious, award created by the infamous imperialist, Cecil John Rhodes.

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Adebejo accepted nonetheless and has since then made a name for himself as an esteemed academic and writer. Adebajo describes something of his motives and feelings towards his decision to accept the scholarship and the subsequent success he would have in his career in his latest work:

I felt that I should accept even the crumbs from the great imperialist’s gluttonous feast, but promised myself that, having completed my studies, I would bite the hand that fed me by persuing anti-imperial causes and eventually “trying” the self-styled “Colossus”: Cecil John Rhodes.

Dr. Adekeye Adebajo in his novella, The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes

Beautiful imagery of The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes

Famed South African actor and playwriter, John Kani, who is most known for his roles in Black Panther and the 2019 Lion King remake, states that The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes “can become the most powerful drama on all theatre stages of Africa”.

This short novella takes you on a journey through the rich history of Africa and the African diaspora and makes the past come alive in the pages before you. It becomes a portal to a wonderful myriad of cultures and people of both the past and present, but also shows the harsh truth of the effects of colonialism.

Filled with beautiful imagery and stunning descriptions, The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes transports the readers to a world of colour, full of history, remembrance and, finally, justice.


Set over five days in an African Hereafter called “After Africa”, this story revolves around the British South African imperialist, Cecil Rhodes, awakening in an After African Limbo after being asleep for 120 years. Guided by Ghanaian writer Efua Sutherland, he is taken on a tour of After Africa’s five heavens, experiencing Africa’s great civilisations, its Nobel laureates, its writers, its musicians and its sporting legends. The novella centres on the grand trial of Cecil Rhodes in the fifth heaven for five crimes committed in the Herebefore.


A former Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, Dr Adekeye Adebajo was the director of the highly-esteemed African Programme at the International Peace Institute in New York. Professor Adebajo and also served on UN missions in Iraq, Western Sahara and South Africa.

Adebajo is the author of four critically acclaimed books on African politics and multilateralism, amoung other topics. His works include Building Peace in West Africa (2002), Liberia’s Civil War (2002), The Curse of Berlin: Africa after the Cold War (2010), and UN Peacekeeping in Africa (2011).

Prof Adebajo is currently an Executive Director at the Centre for Conflict Resolution and he is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg.