The top five things South Afri

The top five things South Africans have been fined for over the festive season

One of the busiest weekends is yet to come…

The top five things South Afri

Statistics released by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) on Friday reveal just how hard the country’s traffic cops have been at work over the festive season.

According to the statistic, more than 924 000 drivers have been stopped and checked at a number of road blocks since the festive season began.

“Most of the vehicles were stopped in Limpopo‚ Gauteng‚ Mpumalanga and the Western Cape. More than 105 000 drivers were tested for alcohol and 2 47 drivers were arrested for having alcohol blood content above the legal limit‚” the RTMC said.

“The highest number of arrested drunk drivers were in Gauteng‚ followed by Limpopo‚ Mpumalanga and the Western Cape‚” the RTMC said.

The data also reveals the top five offences for which motorists have been fined.

  1. Speed: 46 029 fines
  2. Driving without licenses: 15 538 fines
  3. Unlicensed vehicles: 14 174 fines
  4. Driving without fastening seatbelts: 13 554 fines
  5. Overloading: 5 388 fines

RMTC also say that three taxi drivers were arrested, two in Limpopo and one in the Eastern Cape, for attempting to bribe a traffic officer.

Those fines are going to add up to a pretty penny, but whether they are actually paid by the offenders is another matter.

On Boxing Day, eNCA reported that so far, the number of accidents on South Africa’s roads during the holiday period had so far decreased. However, final figures will only be available in January.

Reckless and negligent driving has been one of the biggest challenges.

An increase in the number of unroadworthy vehicles, including private cars and taxis has also been noted.

As many as 18 000 law enforcement officials have been deployed nation wide and the upcoming weekend is expected to be one of the busiest.