The New York Times has penned

The New York Times has penned a scathing editorial calling for Zuma to go

One of the most influential publications in the world has penned a scathing editorial about South African president Jacob Zuma.

The New York Times has penned

On Friday evening, President Jacob Zuma addressed the nation to respond to the ruling made by the ConCourt regarding upgrades at his private Nkandla residence earlier in the week.

In short, the president basically said: sorry I got caught, I got some bad advice.

In response, The New York Times has penned a scathing editorial titled: Time for South Africa’s Jacob Zuma to Step Down.

The editorial starts off by saying: Cronyism, corruption and scandal have swirled around Jacob Zuma since before he became president of South Africa in May 2009, and the muck has only deepened since.

It talks about the ConCourt ruling and the Guptas alleged meddling with cabinet and says that it is a “shame” that the party of Nelson Mandela is “is allowing its moral and political authority to be so grievously eroded by Mr. Zuma, instead of bringing his corrupt presidency to an end”.

The editorial goes on to say that the need for action becomes “more urgent” with every new scandal and ends simply with: “The president of South Africa is elected by Parliament, with is dominated by the A.N.C., so a withdrawal of support by the A.N.C. national executive committee would be tantamount to a demand that Mr. Zuma resign. It’s time.”

The editorial appears both online and in print in New York. When such influential publications start penning such scathing editorials you know shit could get real.