The cracks in the EFF are star

The cracks in the EFF are starting to show, and it aint pretty

It seems Malema just isn’t ‘Cope-ing’ with running his own party. Well, if you’re going to elect convicted criminals…

The cracks in the EFF are star

Well there’s a surprise. The ‘political’ party that prides itself on disrupting political processes in order to effect change now finds itself disrupted in the same way.

The EFF has made a career — however short — of throwing a spanner in the works of parliamentary procedures in order to hold other politicians to account… example, the ‘Pay Back the Money’ saga in parliament, which eventually led to the police being called in. Incidentally, it is illegal for a police officer to set foot in parliament and this was only the second time it had happened in history, the first being when Verwoerd was shot.

Now, getting back to the redcoats. Factionalism within the EFF has always been a lingering threat, but it has intensified and as we all know, Malema loves threatening people with either ‘chasing them into the sea’ or forcing them to leave all together. The latter, thankfully is what insiders have been seeing.

According to the party’s secretary general, Godrich Gardee, some factions within the party have been aiming at forming their own. It’s like the protestants really: we don’t want to wear hats, so we’ll become the reformed, but oh we don’t like sitting while we sing, so we’ll become the assembly of God. Same damn thing.

Anyway, earlier this week the EFF’s former national coordinator Mpho Ramakatsa had a few things to say to Gardee. We find this offensive and will form our own party. With blue overalls this time, but not because you said so!