The ANC turns 103, and busines

The ANC turns 103, and businesses are splashing out to crack an invite

The governing elite and Africa’s oldest political party will host their annual birthday bash in Cape Town over the coming weekend, giving business owners the opportunity to network with their crooked counterparts in government.

The ANC turns 103, and busines

Seems strange that they’d be celebrating their birthday in the only province not yet ruined by their poor governing record; but perhaps they’d like to have the party somewhere they know there won’t be interruptions of the service delivery kind.

ANC treasurer general Zweli Mkhize — a comrade who is taking an ever-more active role within the ruling elite — , in a report circulated at an NEC meeting, bragged about the opportunity for party members and civilians alike to brush shoulders and connect. Of course, no ANC event would be complete without brown-nosing celebrities… of which there are bound to be scores.

At the Party’s Polokwane conference — you’d remember this as the time when Mbeki was ousted — it cost businesses around R5 million for a booth and the opportunity to pitch to the party. Unfortunately, some of these events haven’t been completely above board, as many of the businesses forking out the money have, in the past, been government agencies. Essentially, paying the ANC tax money to fund their private needs.

Imagine that, an ANC event where everything aint exactly cosher…