The ANC needs to acknowledge i

The ANC needs to acknowledge its own contribution to racial tension in SA

Trade union Solidarity has said that BEE should be included in the current racial debate in South Africa.

The ANC needs to acknowledge i

According to the union, when the ANC acknowledges the part it has played in SA’s racial tensions; “Only then can a meaningful debate take place in South Africa about race.”

Solidarity added that the ruling party’s recent comments about pursuing a non-racial South Africa can only be realised once the ANC puts an end to their obsession with race-based legislation.

The union’s deputy head, Johan Kruger, said that the ruling party’s BEE and affirmative action policies should form part of the debate if they’re serious about creating a non-racial South Africa.

“These form part of hundreds of laws introduced by the ruling party in 1994, that cement racial classification and racial quotas in nearly every sector of society,” Solidarity said.

“We believe that the way in which affirmative action has been applied in South Africa for a long time is not in line with its original purpose. We are convinced that if government is really committed to stamp out racism, it would not hesitate to do away with policies that are based on race. Moreover, we would like to discuss alternatives to affirmative action with the ANC as part of such a debate,” said Kruger.

He went on to say that the government’s quota system is closer to neo-racism than it is to affirmative action, as the ANC sells it.

“Worldwide, affirmative action is subject to a sunset clause. By applying affirmative action in terms of the national race demography – which changes constantly – the ANC ensures that affirmative action would never come to an end in South Africa. This is in itself discriminatory and also forms part of the complaint we brought before the United Nations about the South African government’s implementation of affirmative action,” he said.

Kruger added that the ruling party claims that it is committed to the elimination of discrimination, but at the same time enforces race legislation.

 “What the ANC declares in public about race and racism is not consistent with what it applies in practice. In reality, this contributes to the problem of racial division in South Africa.”