Modise animal cruelty charges

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Thandi Modise back in court on animal cruelty charges

Thandi Modise has pleaded not guilty to six charges of animal cruelty. She is accused of causing the deaths of 79 animals on her property.

Modise animal cruelty charges

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Thandi Modise, speaker of the National Assembly in Parliament, is back in Potchefstroom Regional Court on six charges of animal cruelty.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) filed charges against Modise after it found scores of dead animals on her North West farm back in 2014. The organisation has roped in Afriforum to pursue a private prosecution against the speaker.


Modise has pleaded not guilty to six charges of animal cruelty. She is accused of neglecting her property and causing 79 animals, most of them pigs to die due to lack of water and food. The SPCA said it had managed to rescue several dozen of the animals but was forced to put down more than 224 animals.

According to the NSPCA, Modise’s defence applied for the accused to be discharged, alleging that the evidence brought against her is insufficient.

“Let us not forget the suffering of particularly the pigs, but also that of the sheep, goats’ chickens and geese, and the complete agony they must’ve endured leading to either their deaths or until the intervention of the NSPCA,” said NSPCA Executive Director Marcelle Meredith.

“We have confidence that the court will give due consideration to the argument presented tomorrow and that the case will, therefore, continue to be heard,” said Meredith.


This week Dr Sameer Abbas and a farm worker Thebogo Mokaedi testified about “the horrible circumstances “on Modise’s farm when the local DBV intervened in 2014.

“Mokaedi worked on Modise’s farm for about two months, but with the exception of a single payment of R200 was not paid for his work. He finally took the road when he no longer had food to eat. At this time, a bunch of animals were already dead with another bunch who were so hungry that their chances of survival were extremely slim,” said Afriforum.

Abbas a vet from Potchefstroom reportedly testified that the animals were alive on his arrival at the farm but basically just  “skin and bone “.

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