Thabo Bester owed Simphiwe Ngema

Thabo Bester and Simphiwe Ngema. Images via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

‘Thabo Bester owed me money,’ Simphiwe Ngema claims

In a turn of events, Simphiwe Ngema claims that she visited Thabo Bester in prison because he owed her money.

Thabo Bester owed Simphiwe Ngema

Thabo Bester and Simphiwe Ngema. Images via Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux

Actress Simphiwe Ngema has claimed that Thabo Bester owed her money from shows.

It’s been a tough week for Simphiwe since rumours came out that she was the celebrity who visited Thabo Bester in prison.

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She initially denied contacting Thabo Bester but has since released a statement confirming the visit to Mangaung Correctional Centre, where Bester was imprisoned.

However, she said that her visit to Thabo Bester was to ask for answers and demand money he owed her.

Thabo Bester owed Simphiwe Ngema
Simphiwe Ngema. Image via Instagram @simzngema


According to the musician, she had many deals with Thabo Bester though she didn’t know his real identity.

She said he had connections, and they used that to make shows and meetings that benefited everyone.

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Unfortunately, Thabo Bester failed to pay Simphiwe Ngema some of her money from the shows.

In her statement, Simphiwe said it was difficult for her and her family.

Indeed, many fans are struggling to believe Simphiwe as they assume she was part of the deal.

However, the bubbly star actress denies such accusations.

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Simphiwe says she only visited Thabo Bester once, on 5 April 2018, and has the documents to prove it.

Read Simphiwe Ngema’s statement saying Thabo Bester owed her money.


Simphiwe added that she has been cooperating with investigators and is innocent, but some don’t agree.

Many fans on Twitter have since raised questions about Simphiwe’s statement.

The majority say that she is lying and many things don’t add up.

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Some Twitter users questioned Simphiwe’s statement, asking when they started working together since he was arrested in 2012.

They also questioned if Thabo Bester was registered as TK Motsepe in the prison register.

Some are even raising questions on whether Thabo Bester owed Simphiwe Ngema money.

Find Mzansi’s reactions below

According to Simphiwe Ngema, she used to visit Thabo Bester in Prison to ask for her payments but Thabo Bester was sentenced in 2012, so when did she meet him as TK Motsepe? Does the prison register have him as TK Motsepe or Thabo Bester?

Simphiwe Ngema might just have dug herself a huge hole by that statement, now there are so many questions she needs to answer.

Simphiwe Ngema visiting Thabo Bester in prison to “demand answers”