Terrorists heading to South Af

Terrorists heading to South Africa, perhaps the intelligence services will notice this time

Eleven terrorists with the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and some other Islamic terror groups might be headed for South Africa.

Terrorists heading to South Af

The government gazette published a report, warning of the threat posed by terror-travellers headed for SA, including financiers, recruiters and logistical support persons. While most of them hail from Arab countries, some French and Norwegian folks have been fingered as well.

The US State Department has warned SA that one man in particular is to be looked out for; Anders Cameroon Ostensvig, from Norway, travelled to Yemen – where the remnants of al Qaeda are based – in 2008 where he joined al Qaeda.

While the South African “intelligence” agency failed to spot more than a hundred local Muslims from joining ISIS late last year, it seems they’re ready to intercept future potential threats.

Professor Hussein Solomon of the University of the Free State last week said that international terror organisations have been using SA as a base since the 90’s.