Tembisa Hospital shooting

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Tembisa Hospital shooting: DENOSA calls for gun rules to be relooked

Nursing organisation says there’s a need to reconsider allowing cops to enter facilities with guns following a shooting at Tembisa Hospital.

Tembisa Hospital shooting

Photo: Gallo Images

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) has called for the Department of Health to bolster safety in public health facilities after a nurse was allegedly shot dead by her partner at Tembisa Hospital on Wednesday.

The hospital was forced to close its doors after the fatal shooting which occurred at the A&E department.


In a statement, DENOSA said the incident has highlighted the need to reconsider allowing officers of the law to enter facilities with guns, and the need to have gun storage in healthcare facilities by security unless they are escorting a dangerous patient or a convict.

“We hope that the Department will now henceforth reconsider allowing armed police officers to enter healthcare facilities unless it is under extraordinary circumstances.”


DENOSA also called on law enforcement agencies to ensure that, if the cop recovers, the police officer faces the full might of the law “For the killing of the nurse and for abusing the privilege that is extended to officers of the law to enter healthcare facilities with their guns.”


The behaviour of the ‘killer cop’ will now come under intense scrutiny. Details are still sketchy at this point, but from official government statements, we’ve been able to piece together a brief fact-file on the suspect.

  • The suspect is a 30-year-old male, local to Tembisa. No motive has been established yet.
  • He arrived at Tembisa Hospital in a state vehicle – using his blue lights to park up at the A&E department.
  • It’s since been confirmed that the murdered nurse was actually his partner.
  • The officer made a call to the woman, asking her to meet him in the car park.
  • It was at that point he gunned his spouse down, and turned the weapon on himself.
  • However, the cop didn’t successfully take his own life – he remains in hospital, in a critical condition.

Tembisa Hospital has since been opened to the public as at 16:45 on Wednesday.

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