‘Tembisa 10’: ‘I stand by my s

Pretoria News Editor Piet Rampedi
Image sourced via Twitter @Pietrampedi

‘Tembisa 10’: ‘I stand by my story,’ says Piet Rampedi

Piet Rampedi has made bombshell claims – including that government and politicians deliberately hid the ‘Tembisa 10’ babies, possibly to punish him for exposing their scandals

‘Tembisa 10’: ‘I stand by my s

Pretoria News Editor Piet Rampedi
Image sourced via Twitter @Pietrampedi

Piet Rampedi, the editor of Pretoria News and the man behind the now infamous ‘Tembisa 10’ story is sticking to his guns, maintaining that Gosiame Sithole – did give birth to 10 babies.

Earlier in June 2021, Rampedi broke the story of how Sithole gave birth to decuplets at an undisclosed Pretoria hospital – something which would have earned her a name in the Guinness Book of Records.

However government has since confirmed that there are no records of the woman having given birth at any private or public hospital.

In a lengthy statement on IOL, Rampedi makes a series of allegations against government and politicians, including that they have colluded to hide the existence of the decuplets.

“I stand by my story. Ms Sithole was pregnant and gave birth to her 10 babies on June 7, 2021. It’s a fact,” he said.

“Despite all the naysayers out there, and there are plenty of them jumping with glee at this fall-out, I invite them to cast aspersions on those stories that they celebrated as telling truth to power and holding those in leadership positions to account”

Piet Rampedi, Editor of Pretoria News

Rampedi has given possible reasons as to why government may have opted to “hide” the so-called ‘Tembisa 10’: Government and politicians want to punish and silence him for exposing their scandals, to discredit him as a reputable journalist or to conceal possible medical negligence – which could have occurred during the births.

Rampedi ready to defend ‘Tembisa 10’ story in court

Government is now planning to take legal action against Piet Rampedi, after he accused them of hiding the ‘Tembisa 10’ – but he seems unfazed by the prospects of a lengthy court battle and is even prepared to fight the matter.

“…I will vigorously defend any litigation by the government. I will defend myself from any legal threats since I have done nothing wrong other than write about Ms Sithole and the decuplets,” he said.

“If anyone should be legally held to account, it is the senior government officials, politicians and healthcare personnel that are colluding to hide the birth of Ms Sithole’s 10 babies, thus putting the neonates at risk.”