KZN Police Commissioner applauds swift arrest of Mooi River robber suspects

Image credit: Pixabay

Courageous 14-year-old teen escapes kidnappers in Hilton

A Grade nine pupil was out cycling on Tuesday when two men forced him into their car.

KZN Police Commissioner applauds swift arrest of Mooi River robber suspects

Image credit: Pixabay

As reported by Duncan Guy from The Independent, the teenager was kidnapped in Hilton, outside Pietermaritzburg. The man blindfolded him and asked for directions to Hilton College.

While the vehicle was in transit, one of the kidnappers sat on top of him so he couldn’t escape. Speaking to IOL, the teenager said he had no time to react. The robbers didn’t want his money, bank card or bike. He explained:

“I told them that because I do competitive cycling, my bike is worth R150 000, but they didn’t want my bike, either.”

The teenager, who wishes to remain anonymous, noticed that the door was unlocked. He was able to open the door and scream for help. Even though it didn’t get the attention of passersby, his kidnappers pushed him out of the vehicle.

He explained that the car wasn’t travelling very fast – approximately 10 or 20 km per hour. Once out, a “nice helpful guy stopped” who took the 14-year-old and his bike to the Hilton police station. The good Samaritan called the boy’s parents, who met up with them at the Police station.

Thanks to his older sister, the teen was well aware of human trafficking, but he still isn’t sure if it was an attempted trafficking kidnapping, or whether his assailants wanted a ransom. He went on:

“She [his sister] told me how, in Durban, some people get shipped off to Nigeria. They drug them and then send them off for thousands of rands. Last year, she showed me a place, in Durban, where someone was kidnapped.”

He credits his will to survive to competitive cycling because it taught him to persevere “even if [his] legs are tired.” He is determined to finish, despite wanting to give up at times. When asked about his assailants, he described them as “South African and well spoken.”

His mother urges families to “speak over supper, speak about what’s going on in the real world because we live in the real world.”

She confirmed that they opened a case of attempted kidnapping and that the matter is being investigated. Her advice for parents is to ensure their children don’t wander the streets alone.

Children should be aware of the dangers of accepting lifts from strangers, but parents have the responsibility of picking their children up from school on time, she adds.