Teachers having sex with learn

Teachers having sex with learners for better marks, the South African government speaks out

As if the wavering standards, misappropriation of funds and lacking skills in teachers aren’t enough; our Department of Education now has sexual predators to deal with as well.

Teachers having sex with learn

Brakpan, well-known for it’s pioneering human rights spirit and exemplary track-record in education and the sciences, is once again in the news.

While not the only northern area in trouble with the department, it has come to the government’s attention that teachers are exchanging pass results for sex from their learners… this might be the right time to mention that, in order to pass, all you have to do is maintain a median average of between 30% and 41%.

Chairwoman Nomalungelo Gina of the Department of Basic Education has referred to these teachers as “pest-educators” and indicated that they should be removed from the system immediately, in a special parliamentary committee hearing.

In recent years, the government has clamped down on schools where the governing body has abused it’s influence or mismanaged the school; but in disbanding governing bodies and not appointing new ones fast enough, government leaves these schools open to opportunists who are too happy to exploit the learners.

True to form, parliament has condemned these atrocities, and adjourned for a few months to debate on it…well, to debate on when they would start debating on what to do about this scourge.